Sami herbal medicine

The traditional knowledge of herbs among the Sami people is based on experience and old tradition. The plants of the area where one stayed were tried and tested. There have been many clever healers within the Sami community and parts of the traditions are still alive today. The knowledge of herbs and healing plants were found in every village and were handed down through generations.

The usage of plants have always contained a component of medicine. The same pant has been both food and medicine, a kind of prehistoric "functional food". The Sami usage of plants has a striking resemblance to other circumpolar people. They have used different herbs depending on availability, often from the same species though. Cooking, harvesting and conservation were made according to the conditions and range of the different people.  (Source: SLU)


Betula, Tea from birch leaves is diuretic and has been used to cleanse the body from poisons.


Vaccinium myrtillus, Dried blueberries is an old cure for diarrhea which is still used with good results. Blueberries are also believed to help the vision.

Juniper berries

Juniperus communis, Has been used for coughs, sore throats and common cold.


Angelica Archangelica, Tea made from the leaves have a calming effect and helps insomnia. 


Calluna vulgaris, Tea made from heather helps sleep and has a calming effect.


Epilobium angustifolium, Has anti inflammatory and calming substances.


Sedum rosea, Contains performance enhancing substances. Also good for sore throats and common colds.


Achillea milleolium, It is believed to be the multipurpose plant of the traditional medicinal herbs.

Marsh Labrador tea, wild rosemary

Ledum palustre, The stem, the flowers and the leaves has been used for tea that lowers high blood pressure, coughs and common colds.

Sallow and willow

Salix, From the bark you make a tea that traditionally soothed coughs and other respiratory problems. 

Lady's Mantle

Alchemilla spp, The leaves were used as bandage on cuts.


Equisetum arvense, Mainly used diuretic for kidney problems, bladder infections and gout but also for cleaning cuts.


Filipendula ulmaria, The entire plant contains salicylic acid that helps aches and fevers but is also anti bacterial.

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