Nature, our larder

Cloudberries contain a lot of C-vitamin
Angelica is the plant that has been used the most by the Sami, both as food and medicine. It keeps the “evil” away, increases the immune defense and helps digestion.

The Sami has been and is still in parts a migrating people. A people which is constantly moving with only occasional stops can’t cultivate  but is dependent on using what grows wild. They were hunters and gatherers. The knowledge of what is usable and can be eaten has been preserved and brought through generations. The diet has been based on meat from wild animals, fish, berries, herbs and milk from the reindeer.

The most important herb is the mountain angelica, alpine sowthistle and alpine sorrel. They could be mixed with reindeer milk, put into a reindeer stomach and fermented into “gompa” – this could be kept until winter.

The inner bark of the pine tree was collected in the early summer, the dried and roasted and ground into flour that could be used for porridge, or to thicken soups.

Berries such as cloudberries, lingonberries (cowberries) and blueberries were picked and kept in kegs in natural wells to be used in winter. That way you had vitamins all year around.

Our business is based on emphasizing this knowledge that is about to be forgotten. We pick and refine wild herbs from our area and make them into new products.

We have chosen to pick the wild herbs as they themselves have chosen the optimal place to grow to develop and get all the nourishment they need. After being dried the herbs are kept in airtight bags until they are refined into different products.

In our range of products you will find only pure, natural products:

  • Products made from bark flour such as bread and crisps
  • Seasonal teas from wild herbs
  • Honey flavored with angelica and crowberries
  • Herbal salts tasting of forest and mountains
  • Tinctures from the root of angelica and roseroot
  • Resin salve based on the fat from bear and reindeer
  • Sweets made of the stem of angelica

These products can be bought at Viddernas Café in Jokkmokk or through our different sellers:

  • Ájtte, Swedish Mountain and Sami museum
  • The Silver Museum in Arjeplog
  • The Museum of Västerbotten
  • Hemmagastronomi, Luleå
  • Gávpi, Gällivare